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PPC Management

Get immediate results, increase conversions, and drive your ROI fast.

We set up your Google AdWords account for your paid marketing campaign. Our team provides initial keyword research and budget analysis to maximize your PPC exposure and boost conversions.

We have an experienced team of PPC campaign management experts that ensures you get the maximum visibility for the right keywords at the lowest bids.

We analyze and monitor relevant data from your campaign using the most advanced tools to view trends, check conversions, and modify your PPC marketing strategy.

PPC Starter Package
$300 Setup
$350 Mgt. Fee
PPC Small Package
$350 Setup
$1300 Mgt. Fee
PPC Medium Package
$700 Setup
$1500 Mgt. Fee
PPC Large Package
$1000 Setup
$2000 Mgt. Fee
Monthly Budget $10,000 & above
Account Setup, Research & Analysis
Keyword Research
Ad Group
Ad Text Creation
PPC Bduget Analysis
AdWords Conversion Tracking Code
Search Network
Display Network
Banner Image Ads Creation – 1 Design (2 Size Formats)
Geo-targeting (Locations)
Google Analytics
Linking Adwords & Google Analytics
Google Analytics Tracking Code Setup
Campaign Management
Keyword Matching Options
Keyword Bid Management
Display Management
Campaign Management Remarketing
Campaign Monitoring & Analysis
Conversion Tracking
Traffic Statistics Analysis
Analytics Monitoring
Ongoing Months Campaign Management
OM Keyword Research Expansion
OM Keyword Bid Management
OM Display Network
OM Remarketing
OM Geo-targeting
Ongoing Months Campaign Monitoring & Analysis
OM Search Queary Report Analysis
OM Conversion Tracking
OM Traffic Stastics Analysis
OM Invalid/Fraud Click Analysis (Adwords Only)
OM Analytics Monitoring
Ongoing Months Reporting
Month 1 Setup Report
Weekly Update Reports
Bi Monthly Performace Reports
Monthly Performance Reports
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